Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Knives

Known best for their outrageous marketing videos, Cold Steel has established itself as a company that makes affordable and very functional knives and tools. Ranging from little EDC blades, to full size samurai swords, there is a little something in the Cold Steel catalog for everyone.

What follows are all of my reviews of Cold Steel knives, including some of their very best models.

Cold Steel Knife Reviews

  • Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter Review img-cold-steel-ultimate-hunter-thumb

    I have been working on the review of the Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter for some time now. I bought the knife a couple months ago, and took my sweet time carrying the knife, using it, and putting together a review. In tha ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel Rajah III Review Cold Steel Rajah III Review

    I almost entitled this review "confessions of a mall ninja". Yup, your buddy Dan has something of a dirty secret: I'm a fan of ridiculous knives from Cold Steel. You may have guessed as much after reading reviews of t ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel SRK Review Cold Steel SRK Review

    The SRK (Survival Rescue Knife) has been a staple in Cold Steel's catalog for well over a decade. In its role as the company's go to mid-size survival / utility knife, the SRK has been selected as standard issue for U ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel Mini Tuff Lite Review Cold Steel Mini Tuff Lite Review

    When you get into collecting knives it is easy to get caught up in the moment. There is so much cool stuff out there that if you aren't careful you can easily get sucked away in a torrent of carbon fiber and titanium. ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel Ti-Lite Review Cold Steel Ti-Lite

    The Cold Steel Ti-Lite is a knife that I received in a trade. As a collector I find myself often buying and selling knives, and I routinely get it hit up with trade propositions. I must confess, the decision to acquir ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel Voyager Review img-cold-steel-voyager-01-thumb

    New for 2011, the updated Cold Steel Voyagers are taking the knife world by storm. There was a lot to like about the original CS Voyagers, but as technologies advance old classics need updating. And I gotta say, the n ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel Hold Out II Review Cold Steel Hold Out II Review

    Cold Steel has really been making a statement in 2011 with their new and improved lines of lightweight and ultra strong folders. Their updated series of Cold Steel Voyagers has really built up some buzz, and rightfull ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel Bushman Review Cold Steel Bushman Review

    When I ordered a Cold Steel Bushman I wasn't sure what to expect. My previous experiences with Cold Steel products have all been very good, but for under $20 I really had no idea what I was in for. All I knew for sure ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel Spartan Review Cold Steel Spartan Review

    Tired of reading reviews on wussy EDC knives? Need something capable of holding off an army of blood thirsty Persians? Consider the Cold Steel Spartan. Yeah, I enjoy reviewing EDC blades just as much as the next guy, ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel Recon 1 Review img-cold-steel-recon-1-01-thumb

    I love it when knife companies refine their existing designs. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for new and exciting models, but I'm almost more excited when a "good" knife turns into a "great" one. Cold Steel did just that ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel AK-47 Review img-cold-steel-ak47-thumb-01

    The original AK-47 rifle was designed by Russian Gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1946. These guns were designed to be simple and rugged, and for these reasons the AK-47 design has enjoyed much popularity for over 60 ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel American Lawman Review img-cold-steel-american-lawman-thumb-01

    When I hear the words "hard use folder" it's often accompanied by a mental image of dollar signs. For whatever reason, we have equated hard working blades with titanium, super steel, and triple digit price tags. Those ... continue reading

More on Cold Steel

Founded in 1980 by Lynn C. Thompson, Cold Steel produces a variety of knives and tools from various manufacturing plants across the globe. Lynn is a very hands on president, and is often featured in a lot of the company’s marketing media displaying his talent for martial arts. Speaking of media, their DVDs and youtube videos are sensational and often highly entertaining where Lynn and the “Cold Steel Crew” are shown demonstrating the features of their products. Since Cold Steel makes everything from pen knives to battle axes, the demonstrations can get pretty wild as they drive knives through the hood of a car, slice through large hanging pieces of meat and engage in other over the top demonstrations test the limits of their products.

One thing I really like about Cold Steel is the sheer variety of product they offer. As I said before, they make everything from small knives to large battle axes. They also make swords, clubs, hatchets, canes, machetes, pepper spray, baseball bats and all manner of edged weapons. The depth of their product line is dizzying and I could just review Cold Steel products and be very busy for a long time. Since my interests lie mainly in folding knives and smaller fixed blades, I haven’t had the chance to review a ton of their stuff yet, but it’s all “on the list.”

Cold Steel is definitely a company that has my attention so expect to see many more of their knives reviewed in the near future.

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