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Schrade Knives

Schrade Knife Reviews:

  • Schrade SCHLM Large Machete img-schrade-schlm-large-machete-thumb

    The Schade SCHLM Large Machete is exactly what it sounds like - a big and heavy machete designed to clear brush and chop away at whatever else falls under it's blade. Background And Blade Information The SCHLM ... continue reading

  • Schrade 735RPB Mariner's Knife img-schrade-735RPB-mariners-knife-thumb

    My grandfather served in the Navy, and my father has been a life long sailor. You could say being on the water is in my blood. Combine that with my interest in knives that are a little different and it was inevitabl ... continue reading

  • Schrade Old Timer - 160OT Mountain Lion img-160OT-mountain-lion-thumb

    I've been in a bit of a fixed blade mood lately so today I am taking a look at the Schrade 160OT Mountain Lion. This is small to medium sized skinning / hunting knife with a 4.3" blade and an overall length of 9.3". ... continue reading

  • Schrade XT1B: X-Timer Camp Knife img-schrade-x-timer-camp-knife

    Today I am looking at another knife from Schrade's "X-Timer" Series, the Schrade X-Timer Camp Knife. The knife gets its name from the long sweeping belly of the blade, a design primarily for chopping, an activity you ... continue reading

  • Schrade Deerslayer img-schrade-deerslayer-thumb

    The Schrade Deerslayer is one of those classic Schrade knives that made the brand so popular in the first place. Today's version is still very solid and a quite popular skinning knife. At first glance, what we app ... continue reading

  • Schrade XT2B: X-Timer Drop Point Knife 9 1/2" Fixed Blade Schrade XT2B

    Today I am taking a look at the Schrade X-Timer 9 1/2" Fixed Blade Knife. This is my first review of a knife in the X-Timer Series and I am very excited about this line because I think they provide a lot of knife for ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet Extreme Survival Knife img-schf6-thumb

    The Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet Extreme Survival Knife is just what it sounds like, a large bayonet survival knife from Schrade's SCHF Extreme Survival Knife series. This particular model is made of 1070 High Car ... continue reading

  • Schrade SMEDB/SMEDY California Issue Knife img-smedb-thumb

    The Schrade SMEDB California Issue is often referred to as a large version of the Schrade SCALY a very popular small folding knife that can be easily converted in to a "California Legal" automatic knife. Mo ... continue reading

  • Schrade Extreme Survival Assisted OTF img-extreme-survival-otf-thumb

    I was at a gun show outside New Orleans when I first saw the Schrade Extreme Survival Assisted Out The Front (OTF). I think I said something like "Dang that is COOL" when I first shot the blade out the front of the kn ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife Schrade SCHF9

    I've always been into big survival knives. I especially like a large, "do it all," survival knife because it can substitute the need to carry an axe and a smaller knife. One such knife that has been getting a lot of a ... continue reading

  • SCHF1SM Extreme Survival Knife img-schrade-schf1sm-thumb

    The Schrade SCHF1SM is the SCHF1's little brother. If you are unfamiliar with the SCHF1 I would consider reading my Schrade SCHF1 review to get some background information to put this smaller version of the knife in c ... continue reading

  • Schrade TM1 Tradesman Hawkbill Lockback Knife img-schrade-tm1-tradesman-thumb

    The Schrade TM1 Tradesman Hawkbill Lockback Knife is a small folding knife designed with utility in mind. The concave shape of the belly is good for cutting textiles, rope or shrubbery. Traditionally these kinds of kn ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCHF1 Extreme Survival Knife Schrade SCHF1

    The Schrade SCHF1 is a hollow-handled survival knife. The SCHF1 is almost exactly like the Schrade SCHF2 (I have a Schrade SCHF2 review here) however, the SCHF2 has a drop point blade shape, while the SCHF1 has a spe ... continue reading

  • Schrade Old Timer: Sharpfinger Schrade Sharpfinger

    The Schrade 152OT, more commonly referred to as the Schrade Sharpfinger is one of Schrade's most iconic designs. The Sharpfinger was originally produced in 1974 and has been in production now for over 35 years. It's ... continue reading

  • Schrade Extreme SCHF3 Survival Knife img-schf3n-thumb

    The SCHF3 is a survival knife from Schrade. It weighs 13.8 oz, has 6.4" hollow ground drop point blade, and a 5.6" Micarta handle. The Schrade SCHF3N is the non-serrated version of the knife. I generally prefe ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife img-schf2-thumb

    The Schrade SCHF2 is a popular survival knife from Schrade. What intrigued me about this particular knife is it's close resemblance to a blade made by a high profile custom knife maker selling for over $300. Consideri ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCALY California Issue Pocket Knife Schrade SCALY

    The Schrade SCALY is small knife that has received a large amount of attention. There is a lot of interest in a discrete, legal, automatic knife and the Schrade SCALY claims to be just that. Below is my review of the ... continue reading

History of Schrade

The Schrade Brothers Joe, Louis and George started the Schrade Cutlery Company in Walden, NY in 1904. They employed unique practices to mass-produce fine cutlery in addition to making and selling high end folding Pocket Knives.

Meanwhile the Mirando Brothers, Felix and Michael, established the Imperial Knife Company in Providence, Rhode Island in 1916. They manufactured a full range of folding pocket knives and were successful in mass producing inexpensive Pocket Knives up through the late 1930′s.

In 1941, Albert M. Baer bought the Ulster Knife Company out of Ellenville, NY and merged it with the Imperial Knife Company. This created the Imperial Knife Associated Companies. They produced all kinds of knives for the military throughout World War II and well into the Vietnam War. This marked a period of substantial growth for the company.

In 1946, Albert and Henry Baer bought the Schrade Cutlery Company from the Schrade Brothers and renamed it the Schrade Walden Cutlery Corporation, a division of the Imperial Knife Associated Companies group. The Schrade Walden division was moved from Walden, NY to Ellenville, NY as part of the consolidation.

Imperial Knife had positive economic growth up to the late 1970s, but as the conglomerate entered the raider-trader 1980’s, a geographic consolidation took place and the company divested itself of various national and international holdings in order to streamline management.

In 1983, Albert M. Baer purchased the stock of all shareholders in Imperial Knife Associated Company’s and became the sole owner of the corporation. The company changed names in 1985 to Imperial Schrade Corp. and Walter Gardiner was named President and COO. All U.S. operations were combined under one roof in Ellenville.

The company entered the multi-tool market in the 1990s. Early success in this market with the Schrade Tough Tool laid the groundwork for the award winning i-Quip and Navitool performance products.

In 2004, Imperial Schrade Corp. celebrated its 100th anniversary. The company’s world headquarters in Ellenville, NY had more than 548,000 square feet of manufacturing space and employed more than 500 people.

Today Schrade is owned by Taylor Brands, LLC a knife manufacturer and distributor in Kingsport, TN.

Schrade Today

While the remakes of the classic penknives and pocketknives that made Schrade famous will never be as good as the original USA made Schrade versions, the new Schrade has made a name for itself with their popular collection of survival knives.

The Schrade Survival knives are actually pretty well built.

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