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Fixed Blade Knife Reviews:

  • Fallkniven F1 Review Fallkniven F1 Review

    I am not sure if I have the patience for a compact survival knife. I tend to favor a brute force approach when working in the outdoors. Maybe I am lazy, or stupid... or lazy and stupid... but when in doubt I often fin ... continue reading

  • Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 Review Becker BK-2

    Down here in Florida we don't get a lot of seasonality. Case in point, I wore shorts and flip flops on Christmas. But when the air starts to turn cool I get a hankering for 2 things: cigars and fixed blade knives. I a ... continue reading

  • CRKT Chanceinhell Review CRKT Chanceinhell Review

    Through his many collaborations with production knife companies Ken Onion has become one of the most recognized names in the cutlery industry. The Kershaw catalog is still chock full of Ken Onion classics like the Blu ... continue reading

  • CRKT Obake Review CRKT Obake Review

    Long time readers know that I have always had a soft spot for pocketable fixed blade knives, and CRKT has proven on a number of occasions that they know how to make them. So the announcement of the Obake, a compact fi ... continue reading

  • Viper Carnera Review Viper Carnera Review

    Viper Knives is a relative newcomer to the US cutlery scene, and is a division of the Italian manufacturer Tecnocut, a company that I am frankly not that familiar with. I was first acquainted with Viper at Blade Show ... continue reading

  • Ontario Machete Review Ontario Machete Review

    Over the years I have had several requests for machete reviews. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to deliver. The machete is a timeless tool. Although it is most readily identified with ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel SRK Review Cold Steel SRK Review

    The SRK (Survival Rescue Knife) has been a staple in Cold Steel's catalog for well over a decade. In its role as the company's go to mid-size survival / utility knife, the SRK has been selected as standard issue for U ... continue reading

  • ROSarms Companion II Review ROSarms Companion II Review

    I have always enjoyed things that are authentic and simple. I don't think I'm alone, and that may explain America's recent re-interest in craft beer and artisanal cheeses. At any rate, as much as I enjoy reviewing the ... continue reading

  • Fallkniven A1 Review Fallkniven A1 Review

    When I was a child I had the experience of packing up and shipping off half way around the world. The destination was Sweden, and I couldn't have been more than 5 years old. My family stayed in Stockholm for 3 months ... continue reading

  • Blackwater Grizzly 6 Review Blackwater Grizzly 6 Review

    The Blackwater Grizzly 6 is another knife in a new line up by California-based cutlery company Blackwater Knives. The Grizzly 6 is designed by Robert Young Pelton and Tom Novak, and is manufactured for Blackwater by L ... continue reading

  • Blackwater Ursa 6 Review Blackwater Ursa 6 Review

    Blackwater Knives has recently released a cadre of new tools that caught my eye – both visually, and from a specification standpoint. The Ursa 6 is one of those tools, with an uncompromising design geared towards h ... continue reading

  • TOPS HIT-5 Review TOPS HIT-5

    The TOPS Helo Insertion Team 5 (“HIT 5”) is a new fixed blade design by Chad Los Banos and manufactured by TOPS Knives. Chad is a Hawaii based designer who has made a name for himself with popular small folding de ... continue reading

  • CRKT S.P.E.W. Review CRKT Spew Review

    Ah, the CRKT SPEW... So we need to get one thing out of the way; the name chosen for this knife is a little funky. I kind of danced around that issue in my video review, but I'm just going to straight up say it here. ... continue reading

  • Boker Plus Vox BOB Review Boker Vox Bob Review

    Designed by Jesper Voxnæs of Vox Knives, the Boker Plus Vox BOB is an interesting blend of chunky fixed blade and simple Scandinavian design. Mr. Voxness has done a number of collaborations with Boker, perhaps most n ... continue reading

  • SOG Ops Review SOG Ops Review

    For those in need of a sleek fixed blade tactical knife with a proven pedigree, the SOG Ops may be just the ticket. SOG describes the Ops as an evolution of their very popular SEAL Pup line of fixed blade knives. I di ... continue reading

  • Cold Steel Bushman Review Cold Steel Bushman Review

    When I ordered a Cold Steel Bushman I wasn't sure what to expect. My previous experiences with Cold Steel products have all been very good, but for under $20 I really had no idea what I was in for. All I knew for sure ... continue reading

  • Combative Edge SALUS Review img-combative-edge-salus-07-thumb

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of my favorite parts of running this website is the excuse to check out sweet knives. I can try to do this under the pretense that I am offering the reader some noble ser ... continue reading

  • SOG SEAL Pup Review img-sog-seal-pup-01-thumb

    SOG got their start with one fixed blade combat knife. It's hard for me to imagine a knife company's future balancing on the edge of one blade, but that's how it went. Thankfully that knife was popular so we now have ... continue reading

  • Ka-Bar Kukri Machete Review img-ka-bar-kukri-01-thumb

    The Kukri is an ethnic design that has truly stood the test of time. Originally the kukri was meant to be a fighting knife. Members of the Nepalese military carried these blades, most notably their elite Gurkha regime ... continue reading

  • CRKT Folts Minimalist Review CKRT Minimalist Review

    The CRKT Folts Minimalist is an intriguing design from acclaimed custom knifemaker Allan Folts. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Folts (there may be an Alan Folts interview in the mix - stay tuned) an ... continue reading

  • ESEE Junglas Review ESEE Junglas Knife Review

    Woodsmen and survivalists are a special breed. Whole communities online are dedicated to survival knives and the people who use em... and it's rightfully so, many argue that a knife is the single most important tool ... continue reading

  • ESEE Izula II Review ESEE Izula II Review

    Ah, the ESEE Izula, one of the most iconic small fixed blade knives of our time. Named after an infamous South American Ant, the Izula was designed to be a small, sharp, and incredibly tough blade for outdoor and ever ... continue reading

  • Benchmade Nimravus 140BK Review Benchmade Nimravus Review

    The Benchmade Nimravus is one of Benchmade's original knives that has stood the test of time and remains quite popular today. The knife has come in a variety of steels over the years including M2 tool steel, D2 and t ... continue reading

  • ESEE-3 Review ESEE 3 Knife Review

    ESEE specializes in outdoor fixed blade knives designed to take a beating and perform in a number of environments. Something very special about ESEE knives is their no questions asked warranty that covers everything b ... continue reading

  • SOG Pentagon S14-N Review SOG Pentagon Review

    The SOG Pentagon is an interesting little knife. What other knife solves the age old dilemma of carrying a plain edge or a serrated edge so effortlessly? Purpose Make no mistake, the Pentagon is a full out tacti ... continue reading

  • Smith and Wesson SWHRT1 Tactical Boot Knife img-swhrt1-tactical-boot-knife-thumb

    On deck today is a very cool looking tactical boot knife, the Smith and Wesson SWHRT1 Tactical Boot Knife to be exact. Before I really get into the details of the knife, I just have to comment about the blade shape wh ... continue reading

  • Smith and Wesson Homeland Security Survival Knife Smith and Wesson Homeland Security

    The Rothco Smith and Wesson Homeland Security Survival Knife is a large Urban Survival Knife from Smith and Wesson. As the "Urban" designation suggests, this knife is designed differently from a forest survival knife ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCHLM Large Machete img-schrade-schlm-large-machete-thumb

    The Schade SCHLM Large Machete is exactly what it sounds like - a big and heavy machete designed to clear brush and chop away at whatever else falls under it's blade. Background And Blade Information The SCHLM ... continue reading

  • Schrade Old Timer - 160OT Mountain Lion img-160OT-mountain-lion-thumb

    I've been in a bit of a fixed blade mood lately so today I am taking a look at the Schrade 160OT Mountain Lion. This is small to medium sized skinning / hunting knife with a 4.3" blade and an overall length of 9.3". ... continue reading

  • Schrade XT1B: X-Timer Camp Knife img-schrade-x-timer-camp-knife

    Today I am looking at another knife from Schrade's "X-Timer" Series, the Schrade X-Timer Camp Knife. The knife gets its name from the long sweeping belly of the blade, a design primarily for chopping, an activity you ... continue reading

  • Schrade Deerslayer img-schrade-deerslayer-thumb

    The Schrade Deerslayer is one of those classic Schrade knives that made the brand so popular in the first place. Today's version is still very solid and a quite popular skinning knife. At first glance, what we app ... continue reading

  • Schrade XT2B: X-Timer Drop Point Knife 9 1/2" Fixed Blade Schrade XT2B

    Today I am taking a look at the Schrade X-Timer 9 1/2" Fixed Blade Knife. This is my first review of a knife in the X-Timer Series and I am very excited about this line because I think they provide a lot of knife for ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet Extreme Survival Knife img-schf6-thumb

    The Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet Extreme Survival Knife is just what it sounds like, a large bayonet survival knife from Schrade's SCHF Extreme Survival Knife series. This particular model is made of 1070 High Car ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife Schrade SCHF9

    I've always been into big survival knives. I especially like a large, "do it all," survival knife because it can substitute the need to carry an axe and a smaller knife. One such knife that has been getting a lot of a ... continue reading

  • SCHF1SM Extreme Survival Knife img-schrade-schf1sm-thumb

    The Schrade SCHF1SM is the SCHF1's little brother. If you are unfamiliar with the SCHF1 I would consider reading my Schrade SCHF1 review to get some background information to put this smaller version of the knife in c ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCHF1 Extreme Survival Knife Schrade SCHF1

    The Schrade SCHF1 is a hollow-handled survival knife. The SCHF1 is almost exactly like the Schrade SCHF2 (I have a Schrade SCHF2 review here) however, the SCHF2 has a drop point blade shape, while the SCHF1 has a spe ... continue reading

  • Schrade Old Timer: Sharpfinger Schrade Sharpfinger

    The Schrade 152OT, more commonly referred to as the Schrade Sharpfinger is one of Schrade's most iconic designs. The Sharpfinger was originally produced in 1974 and has been in production now for over 35 years. It's ... continue reading

  • Schrade Extreme SCHF3 Survival Knife img-schf3n-thumb

    The SCHF3 is a survival knife from Schrade. It weighs 13.8 oz, has 6.4" hollow ground drop point blade, and a 5.6" Micarta handle. The Schrade SCHF3N is the non-serrated version of the knife. I generally prefe ... continue reading

  • Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife img-schf2-thumb

    The Schrade SCHF2 is a popular survival knife from Schrade. What intrigued me about this particular knife is it's close resemblance to a blade made by a high profile custom knife maker selling for over $300. Consideri ... continue reading

This is the full list of all the fixed blade knives I have reviewed.

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  1. wayne says

    looking at a bowie 30/200, 12” blade, just short of 1/4” thick at hilt, 5” laminated handle, Al Mar…..what can you tell me about it and can you give me a range of what it’s worth please. Thx.

    • says

      Hey Wayne,

      Hmm, not really sure man… I don’t have much experience w/ those Al Mar fixed blades at all. If you have a picture or link to the knife shoot me an email and maybe I can help point you in the right direction.




    • says

      Thanks for the Recommendation Michael, I’ve heard nice things about the GI Tanto but haven’t picked one up yet. Thanks again!


  3. robert weir says

    You have a great web site with lots of good information. I recently purchased 3 Spyderco knives, Dragonfly, Delica 4, and Sage 1. Now I am really seeing how pathetic my kitchen knives are. What do you recommend as good quality knives for kitchen use? Thanks and keep up the good work on this web site.

    • says

      Thank you Robert! I use a chef’s knife by F. Dick. Good German steel at a reasonable price in a classic chef’s knife pattern. My father has a set of “Goldhamster” knives – I forget who makes them exactly but they are also German and are of excellent quality.

      Honestly I don’t have as much experience with kitchen knives. I own a few that I use every day but haven’t delved as deep into them as I would like.

      I have always viewed them as Japanese or French style so start there.

      For me, I like a classic 9″ French chef’s knife. F Dick makes nice stuff at a reasonable price, but there are all kinds out there so I can’t proclaim to be an expert.

  4. Darren says

    picked up a Ka-Bar 1211 today, NO reviews on KaBar fighting knives here? What the heck?! This American made classic design deserves honourable mention I believe, she’s a beauty and a legend…

    • says


      Hah! I hear ya man. I should really review one. It’s not because I don’t want to. It’s on the list along with a few other classics.


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