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  1. The build quality on these things is strikingly good for the money. Thanks Taiwan! The Utilitac Ben bought (plain clip point with rounded handle) is the one to get.

    I bet you could sand down the edges of the locking-leaf jimping.

    I like the RAT-1’s (superb) handle feel and its basic blade shape better than this knife … but.

    After a few years with the RAT I am starting to be bugged by the set-back orientation of its blade — like the cutting edge was hiked up a cm or so toward the user’s thumb instead of dropping down comfortably to meet the work like the Utilitac does. That is actually a pretty big advantage. “Ulnar deviation” can become a comfort problem with the RAT-1 in some work. Tony first pointed this out (that I saw) and he is right.

    • Hey R.D.,

      Really good point. I don’t like having a lot of nonsense between the top of my hand and the cutting edge – even on bigger knives. My favorite big knives don’t sacrifice control for strength, length, or anything else. It isn’t necessary. This quirk of the RAT 1 is the big reason why I’ve held off for so long on purchasing one.


  2. The tiniest of quibbles: There aren’t any pics here of the lock/clip side. I know I can just Google it or whatever, but one picture of that side would be helpful. Great review!

    • Patrick,

      Excellent point. I will see if Ben doesn’t mind snapping a pic of that side and I’ll update the review. We usually try to get that shot in the reviews.


    • Hey Patrick,

      I’ve always been peeved when reviews don’t show all sides of the knife myself, so I think it is a very good quibble, thanks for pointing it out! Update on the way.


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