SOG Knives

SOG Knives

Named after a covert special forces operations unit called Studies and Observation Group personnel during the Vietnam war, SOG has been making knives since the mid 80s. Known for their focus on making high quality knives and tools, SOG has enjoyed great growth and popularity since it’s inception.

SOG Knife Reviews:

  • SOG Visionary II Review SOG Visionary II Review

    To many, SOG is known for their more inexpensive knives. As far as folders go, when you say "SOG Knives" people often have images of the Aegis, Trident and Flash in their head. Perhaps a SEAL Pup fixed blade might be ... continue reading

  • SOG Ops Review SOG Ops Review

    For those in need of a sleek fixed blade tactical knife with a proven pedigree, the SOG Ops may be just the ticket. SOG describes the Ops as an evolution of their very popular SEAL Pup line of fixed blade knives. I di ... continue reading

  • SOG Aegis Review img-sog-aegis-03-thumb

    The term "aegis" has ancient roots. Commonly used in Greek mythology, aegis means "protector" and has been often symbolized in the form of a shield. In many ways the SOG Aegis is emblematic of a protector as well. If ... continue reading

  • SOG SEAL Pup Review img-sog-seal-pup-01-thumb

    SOG got their start with one fixed blade combat knife. It's hard for me to imagine a knife company's future balancing on the edge of one blade, but that's how it went. Thankfully that knife was popular so we now have ... continue reading

  • SOG Flash II Review img-sog-flash-ii-01-thumb

    SOG is a company that has always intrigued me. They have eschewed the more mainstream model of production knife design, which typically involves a team of in-house designers and a deep roster of freelancers, instead f ... continue reading

  • SOG Pentagon S14-N Review SOG Pentagon Review

    The SOG Pentagon is an interesting little knife. What other knife solves the age old dilemma of carrying a plain edge or a serrated edge so effortlessly? Purpose Make no mistake, the Pentagon is a full out tacti ... continue reading

More on SOG

SOG started out with a single product, an updated version of the classic MACV-SOG Bowie. Today SOG makes a variety of knives and tools. Although they retain much of their original military heritage, lots of SOG’s more recent offerings appeal to people looking for every day carry items. Of course, SOG also makes tactical knives, survival blades, fighters, etc in addition to hatchets and multi-tools.

SOG is known for making innovative designs and are not afraid to step away from the pack and create something new and original. SOG founder Spencer Frazer is the chief designer for the company, and they don’t do a lot of collaborations like other popular knife companies. This makes them a little unique in my eye, and I respect that.

While my current inventory of SOG knife reviews is pretty sparse, this is a company that I will be featuring a lot more reviews of in the future.

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