Schrade 735RPB Mariner’s Knife

My grandfather served in the Navy, and my father has been a life long sailor. You could say being on the water is in my blood. Combine that with my interest in knives that are a little different and it was inevitable that the Schrade 735RPB Mariner’s Knife I would land on my desk.

Schrade 735RPB Mariner's Knife

A Brief History of the Mariner’s Knife

The Mariner or “Sailor’s Knife” often refers to a folding knife with a large bale on the end (a large lanyard loop so you can attach the knife to your person with a length of cord so if you drop it, it won’t fall into the water), a good sized blunt edge blade (blunted for safety on the the pitching boat, and because the knife is primarily used to cut lines and tackle), and a marlinspike. The marlinspike, sometimes referred to as a “fid,” is used to work on lines and knots and helps with common sailing tasks such as unlaying (unraveling) rope for splicing, untying knots, forming a toggle, splicing and other common tasks facing a sailor.

While these kinds of knives were very popular among the seamen of yore, they are still widely used by modern day sailors. In fact, my father has a small sailboat and he keeps a Mariner’s knife on the boat. He has it attached to 3 or 4 feet of line and the other end is attached to a clasp that he hooks onto his belt loop. The last thing you want is for your knife to go overboard so a dedicated sailing knife is a good idea.

The Schrade 735RPB

Schrade’s take on this classic style of knife is very sturdy and traditional. It has a 4.1″ handle with a 2.8″ blade made of 440C stainless steel. The blade a sheepfoot shape; very traditional for this kind of knife. The edge is very sharp and slices rope easily.

The marlinspike on the knife is quite big, about 3 inches, and comes to a fine point which is good for picking apart tight stubborn knots. The shackle (or bail) and bolsters are made of brass alloy. The bail is used to lock the spike in place. You have to push down on it to release the spike. This is a nice feature as it ensures that the spike won’t close on your hand. Considering the amount of metal in the knife, it is still a comfortable 4.4 ounces.

The handle material is a dark “Red Pick Bone” (knowing Schrade this is some sort of Delrin) and it has a silver ship’s wheel inlay on the side. This makes for a very handsome knife.

Where Can I Buy the Schrade 735RPB Mariner’s Knife?

You can buy the Schrade 735RPB on Amazon. The knife is currently eligible for free shipping and after shopping around I have concluded that this is the best deal. Click here to purchase the Schrade Mariner’s Knife on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Schrade 735RPB Mariner’s Knife Reviews?

The best place for reviews from people who actually own the knife is Amazon. The knife has been very well received by consumers and is currently rated 5 out of 5 stars. Click here to read more Schrade Mariner’s Knife reviews on Amazon.

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  1. chuck Hickman Sr says

    I just received a nice looking Old Timer, 150T skinning knife. This is a beautiful looking, well made knife with a lot of detail. I love the design.

    I have a question: What kind of steel do they use in making this knife? (Just curious)
    Do you have any reviews on this knife?

    Do you have any history on this knife?

    Thank You much, Chuck Hickman

    • says


      Thanks for getting in touch with me and congratulations on the knife. I honestly have no information on this knife – my best advice would be to check out the traditional knife section of BladeForums and post a thread there with some pictures. I’m sure someone will be able to fill you in.

      Thanks again,


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