Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet Extreme Survival Knife

The Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet Extreme Survival Knife is just what it sounds like, a large bayonet survival knife from Schrade‘s SCHF Extreme Survival Knife series.

Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet

This particular model is made of 1070 High Carbon Steel with a heavy polymer resin handle and scabbard. The blade on this sucker is 8″ long. Add that to the 5″ handle and you have a very large knife. At 13.2 ounces this is a well balanced blade. This knife has a combo edge and I don’t really mind the combo edge all that much because the blade is so dang big.

The knife is designed to attach on the end of an AR-15 or shotgun, which makes for a cool looking weapon. If you choose to simply carry the knife in the sheath I think you will be happy with that as well because the sheath is of a polymer construction (vs. all nylon) and has a built in sharpening stone on the back of it. Additionally there is a detachable nylon pouch on the front of the sheath/scabbard and you can put additional supplies in there. It will attach to your belt or pack in a variety of ways. It’s a pretty nice sheath.

All in all this is an interesting offering from Schrade. For those looking for a decent bayonet this is certainly one to consider.

Where Can I Buy the Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet?

The Schrade SCHF6 currently available on Amazon. Right now they are offering the knife with free shipping. I did some comparison shopping and it looks like Amazon has the best price – especially with the free shipping. Click here to buy the Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet on Amazon.

Where Can I Read more Schrade SCHF6 M-9 Bayonet Reviews?

The best place for more Schrade SCHF6 reviews from people who own the knife is Amazon. Click here to Read more SCHF6 Reviews on Amazon.

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  1. says

    I was not aware they made an M9. I used to have a Buck version and has long since gone for parts unknown. For the price that Schrade looks like just the ticket to have another. Appreciate the write-up of it!

  2. Dave says


    Please do reviews for the Ontario Bayonets. M9 and the OKC3s. These are much better
    knives than this Schrade. Made in the USA!
    Thank you,

  3. Rich says

    This is not actually an M9 copy. It is a hybrid consisting of an OKC-3S style blade and sheath combined with an M9 style grip.

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