2013 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Knife and Gear Sales

Well, it’s that time again. Hard to believe another year has come and gone (and only half a dozen knife reviews to show for it) but I wanted to keep my tradition of scoping out all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday knife and gear deals on the web and lump em in one place.

This list will evolve as the information gets to me (and feel free to contact me with any hot deals you know about) so bookmark this page and keep your eyes on the prize as 2013 is already shaping up to be a year of savings if Black Friday is something you enjoy.

Ok, enough blabbering – on with the deals…


As always Amazon is pulling out the stops for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Of particular note is their sales on Kershaw and Zero Tolerance knives. There are some decent deals in there although you may want to troll their Sports and Outdoors deals along with their Tools and Home Improvements Deals.


As you can probably guess, the good folks over at BladeHQ are putting together some nice Black Friday specials. At the time of posting their deals aren’t live but I heard rumors that they will have the Kershaw Echelon, Boker Kwaiken, and other models on sale. I wouldn’t be surprised if their Cyber Monday offerings turn out to be good too.


Hat tip to Tony on this one. The website E2FieldGear.com is running a series of limited supply offers at steep discounts starting this Friday. My understanding is that the deals will not just be for knives but include pens, flashlights, and other pieces of EDC gear.


BladeOps is running a special offer of 20% off select knives for the entire holiday weekend. Looks like some decent stuff is in their mix and they are offering free shipping.


KnifeCenter is running a Black Friday promotion. Looks like some good deals on CRKT can be had among other things. Boker, Cold Steel, and Kershaw are also in the mix (among other brands). Take a look and let me know what you think.


GoingGear.com appears to be running some deals. Hard to nail them all down exactly but a partial list can be found here. Plenty of flashlights and multi-tools in the mix which could be a nice change of pace for some people.

That’s It… For Now

Those are some of the top deals for 2013. I’ll be updating them as Cyber Monday goes around. Frankly I’m disappointed that FourSevens doesn’t appear to be running any promotions (I almost always snag a light from them), but there is plenty of sharp stuff on offer at a good price. If you have found any other noteworthy deals leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll get it on the list. Thanks and happy holidays.

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2 Responses to 2013 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Knife and Gear Sales

  1. Steve says:

    Dan, Happy Thanksgiving! BTW, what knife you planning to carve that turkey with?;)

    • Dan says:

      Thanks, Steve! You too. Hmm – well, I’ve got a SAK Cadet in my pocket today and I used my Dad’s 3 Sister’s Forge Beast to prep our bird, so maybe I’ll tag team it with those! :)


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